Dr Yvonne Girgis-Hanna
Particular interests include diabetes, hypertension and chronic kidney disease, and care of complex elderly patients’ health. She offers long-acting contraception such as coils and implants.
Claire Gillvray
Particular interest in mental health, addictions, eating disorders and musculoskeletal medicine. She has a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine
Dr Emma McGrath
Emma is interested in all areas of management GP, including chronic medical conditions (e.g. hypertension, asthma, diabetes), mental health, and women’s health.
Dr Dave Whooley
David is experienced in all areas of General Practice, including management of chronic conditions, care of complex elderly patients, childhood illness and mental health issues.
Dr Chris Schramm
Chris has a particular interest in musculoskeletal conditions, dermoscopy of skin lesions and mental health.  He is a specialist in ADHD.
Dr Fiona Macleod.
Fiona enjoys the variety, continuity, and challenges of working in all aspects of general practice. She has particular interests in adult general medicine and elderly care.
Dr Rob Howlett
He is experienced in all aspects of general practice but also has particular interests in Cardiology and Men’s health (prostate, testosterone)
Dr Mari Flowerdew
Mari is particularly interested in Women’s Health, contraceptives (Coils and Implants), Paediatrics and Cardiovascular disease. She is experienced in all aspects of General Practice and health promotion,